“Christ and Culture” by Richard Niebuhr: Book Summary

a (Indian) Tryst with Theology

Christ and CultureThe following is a simplified book summary (without self-comment) of H. Richard Niebuhr’s book Christ and Culture (the book was originally published in 1951).

1. The enduring problem

– This chapter introduces us to the“enduring problem,” which to Niebuhr is the relationship between “Christianity and civilization” (1). This is a problem because we know Christ is perfect/sinless, and if culture is man-made (as Niebuhr shows it is), and since humans are imperfect/sinful, how can Christ mingle with imperfection? This is compounded by the fact that there are verses in the Bible that suggest we should be out of the world and also verses that suggest we should be in the world. This is even harder to see when the biblical literatures does not represent a single example of a belief that is represented in non-cultural forms. To show how Christians have attempted to deal with this “problem”, Niebuhr introduces and…

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Exploring Christ and Culture

Good morning all, Omar suggested that we hatched a plan to read the text.  Knowing our busy schedules, we have decided to start a blog to explore the text Christ and Culture. This is a space for us to share our thoughts and to help and encourage each other to read and understand the text.

We have 7 weeks in which to read and write the review. I am suggesting that we use 4 weeks to read the text, starting today.  Using week days only, we are to read approximately 13 pages per day.  It is hoped that we can really stick to the schedule.

Hoping to hear from you and get your feedback.